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Quand: Mercredi, 3 octobre 2007 à compter de 18h30

Où: George Ignatieff Theatre, University of Toronto

L'événement est gratuit mais vous devez vous inscrire à l'adresse suivante:

Résumé en anglais: 

Everybody makes mistakes, but in a hospital these adverse events can have life or death consequences. Is the public adequately informed? What do healthcare practitioners know that they aren't telling us? More importantly, what's being done to improve accountability and reduce the number of errors? Join Sunnybrook's Physician-in-Chief Dr. Wendy Levinson, RN Virginia Flintoft, Cancer Care Ontario CEO Dr. Terry Sullivan and Globe and Mail public health reporter André Picard for a discussion about these and other issues surrounding medical error reporting. After the panelists' presentations, there will be a Q&A session with the audience followed immediately by a cocktail reception where panelists and guests can continue the discussion.




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